A package is a collection of features. A user subscribes to a package in order to access the features within a package.

Package Type

Kana recognises two kinds of packages:

  • Base: The main package which users will subscribe to. A user can only subscribe to one base package.

  • Add-on: An additional package which can be added on top of the base package. A user can subscribe to as many add-on packages as they want.

Add-on packages can be related to base packages

When creating or editing a base package, you can specify which add-on packages users can subscribe to on top of that particular base package. If you specify none, anyone can subscribe to the add-on package irrespective of the base package they are subscribed to.

Package Status

Packages will have a status letting you know if a user can subscribe to the package or not. The following statuses are possible:

  • Draft: The package is still being drafted. The package can be modified. Users will not be able to subscribe to the package.

  • Published: The package is published. The package cannot be modified. Users will be able to subscribe to the package.

  • Archived: The package has been archived and is therefore no longer in use. The package cannot be modified. Users will not be able to subscribe to the package.

We sort packages based on their status in the Dashboard. You can see your packages under their status like so:

Once a package is published, it cannot currently be unpublished. This is to avoid issues with users currently subscribed to that package. If you’d like to see this, then let us know.

Features in Packages

Features are included in the packages which you offer to your users.

When a feature is added to a package, we record details about it the feature as it exists in that particular package.

You can see more on how this works in the following guide:

What are features?

Where can I see, create and edit packages?

You can find all your existing packages in the Dashboard. You will need to select the status of the package(s) you want to see in the navigation menu.

You can also edit these packages from this page and create packages from any page. We have a guide on creating a new package that should come in handy.

Create new packages