Getting Started

Let’s get you saying Hello World in a matter of minutes. Jump in to the Quick Start docs and make your first request.

Quick Start

Get set up and provide simple example code to create something within Kana


Need some context on all things Kana? We have a handy guide to get you started in understanding our product and what’s possible.


Get a full walkthrough of setting up Kana with examples on how to integrate for the use-cases you want to achieve.


How to setup and integrate Kana into your product


Integrate with Kana quickly and easily where it maters to you the most.


Our Admin API is by far the most flexible and powerful way to integrate Kana. You can take all actions you need server-side, both reading from and writing data to Kana as is necessary.

We’re also actively working on building out SDKs in the languages which matter to you most. Find examples for Node.js in the guides below and let us know what languages you want to see next!


Our Client SDK is perfect for building out all read-only flows and components which utilise Kana data directly from the client. Imagine paywalls, information on feature usage, and package overviews - easily and readily available on demand.