Once a package is created, it will remain in draft status until it is published. A user will not be able to subscribe to the package until it is published.

Do not publish the package until it is finalised and you are ready to allow users to subscribe to it. Once a package is published, you will not be able to modify the package, nor switch it back to become a draft.

When you are ready, follow the steps below to publish your package.


1. View the package

Go to Packages > Drafts and click View & edit details on the relevant package.

2. Click on the Saved to drafts dropdown

3. Click Publish

What’s next?

Congratulations 🎉 You’ve now published a package in Kana which you can see in the Packages > Published section.

Your users can now subscribe to this package in order to gain access to the features within. You can see more on how to create users within Kana and subscribe users to packages through our guides.