The Kana API uses an API Key to authenticate requests. Your API Key must be present for all requests made, otherwise your requests will fail.

Your token should start with prv_ and will end with a random 32-character alphanumeric string - for example: prv_test_794df9bu824e7d0176e079940e0915le.


Where can I get my API Key from?

You can fetch this in the Dashboard > API Keys section under the title of “Admin API Key”.

Bear in mind that this is separate from the Public Client API Key which is instead used for the Client SDK.

Do not expose this token anywhere publicly

Store this somewhere secure and ensure it is not saved or shared in any publicly accessible request or location.

Using your key

Authentication to the API is performed via Bearer Authentication. Your API Key should be provided through an Authorization header (-H "Authorization: \{API_KEY}"). We do not require Bearer to precede the API Key.

$curl \
-H "Authorization: INSERT_API_KEY" \
-d '{ "query": "mutation { createFeature(featureIdentifier: \"seats-test\", name: \"Seats Test\") { identifier name } }" }'

Make sure to replace the API Key with your own when using the above code samples.