A feature is anything that can be used for billing in your product. It does not necessarily have to be billed currently or be a part of your existing packages - but if it could be, then that’s a feature.

Feature Type

Kana recognises two kinds of features:

  • Binary: The feature is purely accessible. There is no consumable amount given or limit to usage. Example: Product Access, 24 Hour Support SLA, etc.

  • Consumable: The feature can have amounts. It can either be unlimited or you can impose a limit which a user receives. Example: Seat, API Call, Messages, etc.

How do features work in packages?

Features are included in the packages which you offer to your users.

When a feature is added to a package, we record details about it as it exists in that particular package. This includes a limit on that feature.

The same feature can therefore be used across multiple packages with different limits.

Can you change the type of feature across packages?

No, it is only possible to change the limit. The type stays the same as what’s been set on the feature. You should create a new feature if you need a different type on other packages.

Feature Limit

You can set an amount of a feature that is given to a user if they subscribe to this package. You should set this when creating or editing a package.

This is only possible for consumable features. Binary features are access only whereby more than one cannot be provisioned. If the feature is technically consumable but gives unlimited access, you can mark this as unlimited.

Where can I see, create and edit features?

You can find all your existing features in the Dashboard within the Features section.

You can also create and edit features from this page. We have a guide on creating a new feature which should come in handy.

Create new features