You can create features in the Dashboard within the Features section.

You should ideally create new features in Kana whenever you add a new feature to your product.


1. Select feature from the drop-down menu.

2. Select create a new feature.

3. Fill in the details for your feature.

The following information is needed:


This is the name of the feature that will be visible on the Dashboard. Make it user-friendly. This is to enable it to read as you’d present to your users and so that it’s easily identifiable in the product later.


This marks the type of feature. Select if it will be considered as a binary feature. Or, If it’s considered a consumable feature. Binary has no value but acts as a switch. Consumable is measured by unit. See more on feature types here.


This is the unique identifier of the feature. When you integrate Kana into your product, this is the id that you will need to provide when making calls related to the feature. See more on the API Feature object here.

4. Click Save.

What next?

Congratulations 🎉 You’ve created a feature in Kana.

You should now see your feature in Kana and be able to edit it. You can also add the feature to a package. See more in our guides: