Before we get started, you’re going to want to ensure you are successfully setup to send GraphQL requests in your language with relevant client libraries. You can find more on how to do this here:


Importing & Creating

You can then begin to create and manage your packages (aka. plans) within Kana by creating the features, associating them to plans, and creating users in Kana who can subscribe to these plans. More on these concepts can be found in the Key Terminology section.

Create Features

Create Packages

Create Users

Integrating Kana

Afterwards, you’ll be ready to utilise Kana’s functionality to manage your users packages, subscriptions, and feature usage plus access within your own product.

Subscribe Users to Plans

Record Feature Usage

Identify a User's Feature Entitlement

Missing a use-case?

If there’s a particular use-case that you’d like to see Kana support, or that we can document to help you achieve, then let us know.