Subscribe Users to Packages
Subscription Links

You can do this with our Subscription Links - connected to Stripe Payment Links - a URL which a user can be navigated to so that they can pay and subscribe to your packages via Stripe directly.

What about billing providers other than Stripe?

While it’s not currently possible to integrate with other billing providers, we are actively looking into the possibilities here. Reach out and let us know which you’d like to see!


You will need to ensure you have connected to Stripe in the Dashboard and linked your Kana packages/features to Stripe products. Our Stripe guide goes into depth on how to achieve this:

Stripe Integration

You will also need to have details on:

  • The package(s) the user will subscribe

If the package doesn’t exist in Kana, then you should create this first:

Create new packages

Once this is created, you will need to ensure you know the id.

Theid for a Package is defined by you upon creation in Kana.

You can find the identifier in the Dashboard, or by using the package query to pull all respective records and grab the id from the one you need.

What if the user subscribing to the package is not yet created in Stripe?

Any new users who subscribe to a package through a Payment Link will also be created in Kana and Stripe (so that you do not need to create them yourself). We will create the user in Stripe/Kana with the email given to Stripe.

Code Sample


import { KanaAdmin } from '@usekana/admin-kana-js'; \\

const client \= new KanaAdmin({
  apiKey: API_KEY // Replace with own Private API Key

const { data, error } \= await client.payments.generateLink({packageIds: \['124'\]});


import { KanaAdmin } from '@usekana/admin-kana-js';

const client = new KanaAdmin({
    apiKey: API_KEY // Replace with own Private API Key
});'/subscribe', function(req, res){
  const packageIds = req.body.packageIds // Assumes array of packageIds has been sent in request body to this endpoint
  const { data, error } = await client.payments.generateLink({packageIds: packageIds});

  if (error) {
    res.status(400).send("We experienced an error when attempting to susbcribe you. Try again or contact support.")
  } else {
    // Redirects to the Stripe URL for a customer to pay (and subscribe) through

Next Steps

Congratulations 🎉 You’ve now successfully redirected a user to subscribe to Kana packages through Stripe.

Upon successful payment, this user will be subscribed to the package(s) and will have access to the features within. You can now implement checks to confirm they should have access to these features (either in your frontend and/or backend) and record usage of these features - which is even more necessary when they are consumable features whereby a customer is provisioned a certain amount.

Block Feature Access (Backend)

Block Feature Access (Frontend)

Record Feature Usage