After initially connecting to Stripe, you will then be able to:

  1. Link all your Stripe prices/products to Kana packages

  2. Import in all your users and subscriptions

If you haven’t given the Stripe Importation & Sync Overview guide a look, then we strongly recommend it. It will give you a vital understanding of how things should be mapped between Stripe and Kana.


1. Navigate to Integration > Stripe

2. Click Import

3. Map every imported Stripe price to a Kana package

You should see a table of imported Stripe prices with a dropdown on the left. Select the package in the dropdown which the Stripe price applies to.

Make sure to create your packages within Kana before importing so that you have them available to link to Stripe prices/products.

4. Click Import again

You should now see an Imported Stripe Subscriptions table detailing the imported subscriptions and the user they relate to.

What’s next?

Congratulations 🎉 You have successfully linked your prices/products to Stripe and imported in any users and subscriptions.

You can run this import flow as many times as you like. However, bear in mind that we will automatically sync any new Stripe subscriptions to Kana.

Subscriptions may come in which contain new prices/products you’ve setup in Stripe and have not yet mapped in Kana. If this is the case, these will appear in Integration > Stripe to be mapped, much like in Step 2.