The Simple Mode authorization of our Client SDK uses both the identifier of the user who you want to pull data for (ie. the id on a User) and a Public API Key to authenticate requests.

Your token should start with pub_ and will end with a random 32-character alphanumeric string - for example: pub_test_794df9bu824e7d0176e079940e0915le.

Client API Key

Where can I get my API Key from?

You can fetch this in the Dashboard > API Keys section under the title of “Client API Key”.

Bear in mind that this is separate from the Private Admin API Key which is instead used for the Admin API. Make sure not to get them mixed as it’s dangerous to expose the Private Admin API Key.

Using your key

You will need to provide both the Public API Key (as apiKey) and the id of the user that you want to pull data for (as userId) when initializing the client.

import { KanaUserClient } from "@usekana/client-kana-js";

const apiKey = "pub_live_xyz"; // Make sure this is your PUBLIC API Key

// Stored client-side to be assigned to this constant
const currentUser = {
  id: "123456",
  name: "Zach Read",
  email: "",

const kanaUserClient = new KanaUserClient({
  apiKey: apiKey,

Make sure to replace the API Key with your own when using the above code sample.